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Our story

Once upon a time, your hosts, Urs and Linda Honegger, spoke about opening a coffee shop with something special to serve to our customers …

Firstly, how to find a name.  hmmm …

Two “g’s” appear in our surname and then the realisation that a gee-gee means a horse, it was a no-brainer to call it gg’s Café seeing the coffee shop is located in

Kyalami’s horse country.



Then the specialty … As lovers of a great waffle, we decided to source an authentic Belgian Waffle recipe all the way from Belgium, then practiced quite a bit in getting the recipe just right without having to resort to the instant mix that most restaurants across the country serve and,


The perfect Waffle!

And so the “Home Of The Jozi Waffle” was born.

gg’s Café

Dogs are most welcome
but preferably on leash,
as we would like to avoid any bad incidences.
We have no resident Vet on site

Puppy parties are great at gg’s
Our doggy menu is most popular and scrumptious.